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EFT is fast becoming a leading alternative in the fight against giving up smoking of cigarettes.

One of the biggest challenges that individuals face is the stress, anxiety and cravings they experience when attempting to quit. In fact it is assumed that many of those who are wishing to become a non smoker have attempted to quit on many occasions without success.

EFT is able to help individuals release the stress and anxiety surrounding quitting, and can also deal directly with the cravings and symptoms of giving up.


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EFT is now being used worldwide as the most successful tool for the releasing of blocked emotions. EFT is being used to help individuals overcome the negative emotions left over from child abuse, rape, war, PTSD and much much more.

Because EFT is the number one most successful tool for releasing some of the most sever emotions experienced by individuals then its a given that EFT would naturally be able to help you overcome the emotions connected with smoking.

EFT can help you to overcome the links and connections in our subconscious mind that keeps you coming back to cigarettes.


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Goal To Quit Smoking

If you goal is to quit smoking in the next 90 days then EFT is the right choice for you.  Lets gets serious for a moment and consider how many people you know that have quit smoking in 7 days or less.  If you are like me then your answer will be a big fat zero.

So many programs on the market make claims you can quit in 7 days, 3 days, 14 days but they offer no real solution and long lasting benefits, so in the end the smoker finds it easy to return to smoking.  EFT is not a miracle overnight quit smoking tool, so if someone has told your otherwise then they have misinformed you.

A good quit smoking program of EFT Scripts will allow you to release all the negative emotional triggers that cause you to light up a smoke.  Lets face it if you are like me you have been smoking for years, and over that time you have developed many triggers to lighting up a cigarette.  You might light up after a meal, when driving your car, when on the telephone, when greeting friends, and the list goes on an on.  All of these events are emotional triggers that run on automatic pilot causing you to light up a smoke even if you really did not need one.

EFT can help to release all the emotional triggers that cause you to light up a smoke, thus allowing you to quit and stay quit for good.  If you want to know more about EFT I have included some information this page.  Be aware that the info on the page is brief, but it shows you exactly what EFT is and shows you how simple it is.  EFT involves following the same process over and over (so nothing changes, its easy to perform), the only thing that changes are the triggers that cause you to light up.